Art+Poetry Chicago 2011



Art+Poetry Chicago Leading Entry:
The Blizzard - LSD by Barbara Herring
Oil 14" wide by 8" tall
2011 (Chicago Artist Coalition)

Barbara Kay Herring is a Chicago painter and has studied at the historic Tree Studios and the Palette & Chisel Academy of Art. She has exhibited with the Plein Air Painters of Chicago and in selected Chicago Artist Coalition venues. Her work can be seen on the Chicago Artist Her work can be seen on the Chicago Artist Coalition website. She can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Recent exhibitions include Clark Street Images, Art de Triumph, May ; Gethsemane Art Festival, August; Edgewater Art Festival, 2010; Southport Art Walk, 2010. Statement: The images I respond to are shapes and angles; light and shadows; people caught in a moment. This city provides a multiplicity of images like that. The lake, L-trains, water tanks*, brick buildings and yellow wrecking cranes are all part of a visual landscape that is constantly shifting.

City blizzard howls

thirty below



White collars shiver

plod through whiteout

tightly bundled


Not the perfect few

who stride forward

smartly hatless


Scorning warnings

losing body heat through

bare vanity