Art+Poetry Chicago 2011



Art+Poetry Chicago Leading Entry:
Imigrants  by Dariusz Labuzek
Acrylic 72" wide by 36" tall

Dariusz Labuzek’s recent paintings present a unique combination of an abstract, figurative, naive / primitive imagery and drawing expressed with emotion and poetic sensitivity. He creates in a vigorous and often spontaneous manner lead frequently by emotions. His images convey a consciousness that implores us to seek out the details and subtleties of nature and explore our relationship with it. It is often the unintended and subliminal mind that creates the initial medley of shapes and spaces and the artist is the one who makes the choice of exaggerating or diminishing various areas and characters. He lets himself be carried away without resistance in the direction indicated by the hand of an intuitive lines, color and form. His stimulating expression of environment brings each viewer into effervescent, playful and exciting world full of humanoid forms and shapes. Each piece might be peculiar exploration of natural forms of botanical, animal and human shape. Somewhat the combination of illustrative and abstract styles gives his work a dreamy quality that transports the imagination into a whole other world that is waiting for to be discovered. Working primarily with acrylic Dariusz emphasizes imaginative organic shapes composed with a unique dexterity. These qualities along with a creative contrast of muted and vibrant colors make his work resonate emotionally. Dariusz Labuzek was born in Jaworzno, Poland. He studied architecture at Crocow’s Institute of Technology and film at Humboldt State University in Arcata California. Currently Dariusz Labuzek lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.

You the over worked, underpaid,
, watching,
arroz con gandules
single mother of one.

You are the harried, hurried,
hopeful full time cashier,
full time student,
no time to breathe,
rushing, working,
always working,
living, hoping, dreaming.

You are the street corner rapper,
beat boxer, skate boarder,
undercover graffiti artist.

You are the gang-banging,
pitchfork throwing, street corner soldier.
A legend in your own mind.

You are the melodramatic,
hand holding, promise making
high school lovers,
planning on the what-ifs of tomorrow;
not taking notice of today.

You are the old school B- boy from the hood.
The Café Bustelo drinking,
former factory working, retiree,
reminiscing of how thing “used to be.”

You are 50 years of push out, pull in,
Segregate, integrate,
Street riots,
racial unrest,
Sigue pa’lante mi gente,


You are the
shaking couples
Big drum beats that pound a rhythm,
extension of my heart beat.
My heart, mi corazón campesino,
- Congo beats that
call out to the Santos
as Ochun and Elegua,
and Yemaya take
physical form, spinning ‘round
at Coco’s on a Saturday night.

You are the devout Catholic,
7th Day Adventist,
bible thumping Pentecostal,
United Church of Christ,
non denominational,
Sunday- best, wearing church goers,
holding on to salvation’s golden reigns
while the rest of the world continues its descend
into some kind of Hell on Earth…

You are the fritura mobile
cocinero, paletero, piraguero

hustling to make a day’s wage.

You are the here and now.
You are my street.
You are my ‘ hood
You are the
won’t be forced out or evicted.
You are and always will be\
Humboldt Park no matter
not Humboldt Heights\
no matter how many
signs say otherwise.



Art+Poetry Chicago Entry:
Yemaya/Oshun Kite by Jill Zylke
Mixed Media--Acrylic on screen over paper and wood 36" wide by 28" tall
Jill Zylke has formally studied fine art and illustration, earning a degree from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. She then served on the Board of Directors at the Palette and Chisel Academy, and later as vice-president of Windy City Arts, a non-profit organization. She is currently an active member of the Plein Air Painters of Chicago and the Edgewater Artists in Motion.

Her work has been shown in numerous solo exhibitions, as well as many group shows in such prestigious galleries as Ann Nathan, ARC Gallery, Mars Gallery, 33 Contemporary, Jackson Junge, Eyeporium and the Chicago Cultural Center. She has been a featured artist in the Chicago Art News and Chicago Sun-Times newspapers and has been interviewed on the television show “Is It Art?”.  She works as a painter, graphic designer and illustrator.