Art+Poetry Chicago 2011


Art+Poetry Chicago Leading Entry:
His Head Was Full of Honey by Marzena Ziejka

Screen-print, watercolor

(limited edition of 8)

9.5" wide by 14.5" tall

Born in Tarnow, Poland, migrated to US in 2000. Master degree in Sociology...however Liberal Arts Highschool, with five years of drawing, painting, sculpture, advertising and tapestry. The latter become choice for profession, totaling in sixteen years  of weaving full time, turning other artists works into tapestries. After migration worked as a painter, illustrator and designer of collectible glazeware. Since 2010 back to weaving tapestries and pursuing her own artwork.

i like it when you're bare
most clothing has come off
but mostly you're sleeping
dreaming schemes for tomorrow
fooling the public
i am so personal with you
intimate with you
in a rapture
i've walked all over you
took for granted your
strength and beauty
tallest to my eyes
you stand 110 stories
i love you when you're bare
i ride all through you
wander around but never lost
our coldest nights
balanced by days of pure heat
you excite me
i am so personal with you
all my secrets
held on your grounds
all of your ears have heard me
we speak in windy whispers
sneak hugs at the right moment
around the corner a sweet kiss
don't you know the treasures you hold?
i like it when you're bare
when you don't hold back a thing
i want to explore your terrain
to know your every curve
your main routes
i want to make sweet love to you
but sometimes
see sometimes you're bitter
i can't stand the taste
you suck me dry
i understand you
what you are about
you're days are filled with noise
sometimes i can't keep you
you're nights are even faster
sometimes i can't keep up
you make me.
i always lose to see you bare
when you are paying attention
when you show all your love
when it is written all over your face
don't forget that i know you
and you have seen me bare too