Art+Poetry Chicago 2011



Art+Poetry Chicago Leading Entry:
Lake Street'll by BettyAnn Mocek
Linoleum print

BettyAnn Mocek is a prominent artist, arts advocate and educator in her native Chicago. She was a recipient of the Carthage College Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award 2007.  Mocek was also awarded the Chicago Artists’ Coalition 2003 Service to the Visual Arts Award in recognition of her many years of advocacy on behalf of Chicago artists and her role in spearheading and directing for its first five years the Chicago Art Open, the nation’s largest exhibition of Chicago Artists (over 300) under one roof. She also received the Chicago Society of Artists Woman of the Year 2001 Award from the oldest continuously existing arts organization in the country in honor of her significant service to the visual arts community.

The implicit mood of discolored grass and hinted grayish gravel in the homeland of Memphis

Clouds of emotions past and difficulties of the present

Riding on a reverted Pullman train of the 20’s  
Longing to arrive at a destination hidden from memory only known in small passages from books of Mississippi

Fallen wood soldiers drown in natured creeks that disappeared out of sight, as we motor on.

Black burial grounds layered into green pastures where white balls roll on top of forgotten souls wanting to be found.

Hands from the earth reaching for the heavens, feigned.

Anabolic misinterpretations distilled in my subliminal.

Eyes that can not hear, visions with sounds

How I miss Chi-Town