Art+Poetry Chicago 2011



Art+Poetry Chicago Leading Entry:
Back to the Garden by Frank Tumino
Watercolor, mixed media 17" wide by 14" tall

Frank Tumino is a Chicago artist, arts administrator and curator. Holding degrees in the History of Art and Architecture and in Education, he has devoted himself to the promotion and advancement of art in the Chicago area.

His art has been exhibited locally and nationwide for many years.  Beginning in the 1980’s with the works of medieval masters, and continuing with works of the 20th century masters today, Tumino has used the examples of the past to energize his own artwork.  He has created extensive bodies of work in gouache, mixed media and in colored pencil, all executed in a personal and highly idiosyncratic style which puts a premium on the narrative and symbolic aspects of the image created.

For the last several years Tumino has been employed as the administrator and curator for an internationally known studio of developmentally disabled artists.  Here he is given a chance to exercise his expertise on the field of Art Brut, and to further the careers of a group of particularly talented and deserving autodidactic artists.

Chicago is...
The primordial soup from which I sprang
The sea of faces that
Taught me
Nurtured me
Fought me
The island to which I cling when other places
Lose their luster, become facetious
Intimidate with bluster
Chicago is
The verdant jungle where lovers wet me with
pleasure - then drank me dry
Where, in a blink of an eye,
A child was given and grew
And gave one back to me

Chicago is
And will always be
Hot summers when hydrants flow free
Cold winters where lawn chairs watch, and see
Who steals their space
Open arms...callused hands
And the poetry in the voices of new friends whose
addresses are the parish or ward numbers you
sing when playing in the street