Art+Poetry Chicago 2011


Art+Poetry Chicago Leading Entry:
Across Time by Ruth Sackheim
Acrylic and oil on canvas 20" wide by 24" tall

Ruth Sackheim is a painter and printmaker who uses a combination of traditional media and computer technology. Her work has been exhibited in shows such as Art and New Technology, the Illinois Printmaker's Show, and Chicago's Cows on Parade. She received grants from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs for her images of Alta Vista Terrace, Chicago's first landmark district, and illustrated the covers of Three Black Generations at the Crossroads and Scattered Seeds as well as articles for the column “Reminiscing” in the Gazette.    

Sackheim has worked in a variety of art and art-related capacities. She served as "See Chicago!" feature reporter, covering Chicago art and history for Chicago: Its Untold Stories, a morning talk show on WJJG AM radio. She planned an art event benefiting the American Parkinson Disease Association and coordinated benefit receptions for the Chicago Art Open. In addition, she acted as an art consultant at Edgebrook Elementary School, published greeting cards, and created hand-painted clothing.

The potato-faced Italian

smells of patchouli,
kisses like he's from the old world,
and flirts too much with our dark-skinned waitress
even as he complains about the absence of red
French wine.
His lumpy, beautiful nose
relieves from his olive-colored face
like a Roman ruin.

My heart sticks its hand into the Boca de la
as he devours the last of the mussels,
licks his fingers clean.