Art+Poetry Chicago 2011

Art+Poetry Chicago Entry:
Raveflower Starchaser by Jason Fairchild
Oil on canvas 36" wide by 48" tall
Based in Chicago, Jason Fairchild is a modern artist that currently uses painting as the fastest and best way to get his message out there. I am a modern artist because I live here now and I am surrounded by modern things.As an artist today ,you not only have to make art that is one's expression but the work has to have necessity,a reason,something new and different.My work is like one's face it is always changing ,it is still you,but the image is not always the same.
“My art is free - form theatre, that returns my thoughts to feelings.It narrates expressions of our contemporary, unsettled culture that spark various interpretations and numerous associations allowing memories and questions to flow. My work suggest metonymic self portraits, masonic and sexual motifs, homage to artists and the artist’s model. Through projections and screens of overlapping metaphors and color schemes, the figure becomes the star. My paintings are about life with its good and evil; its tragedies and triumphs.” Jeremy Sedley of New Art International said,"By bringing aesthetic and isolated focus to such kinetic subject matter, as portals, fractures and psychic superimposition , Jason Fairchild ventures respectful oblations toward untested limits to human perception.His often cunning dissections of visual category veered toward an element neutral objectivity while merging with an allegiant anthropomorphic sympathy ." Check out my art and short films at AND FACEBOOK!/jasonfairchildart