Art+Poetry Chicago is an annual program that brings together the art and poetry of the Windy City.  During the first half of the year, The Site of Big Shoulders holds a poetry contest that solicits original, recent poems from Chicago-area poets.  At the beginning of summer, we pick the top dozen winning poems, post them online and then solicit related visual works from Chicago-area artists.  Art+Poetry Chicago culminates in the fall with a reception and poetry reading accompanied by projected images of the winning artwork and commentary from participating artists. 

Art+Poetry Chicago is the result of an idea by The Site of Big Shoulders art critic Robert Kameczura, who writes:

The relationship between artists, poets and the cities they live in is sometimes neglected by the pundits who lay down art history. One can point to notable examples of artists whose work is deeply involved with the spirit of certain cities, expressing either its look, its spirit, or both. Chicago has its own unique character and inspires many creators; Art+Poetry Chicago provides personal glimpses of the city from a range of artists and  juxtaposes this artwork with the poems of Chicago, connecting local artists and writers who may share similar visions, but express them through different media.

Click through the Art+Poetry Chicago pages to view past winners and wrap-ups of our events, as well as information about participating in the poetry and art contests.