Clarkson Poems

Published January 20, 2004

Poems by Gordon Clarkson


clarksontouch manIt was inevitable
that we would touch
we knew this hours ago
elaborately avoiding actual contact
a motionless tarantella
but now the lines
erased and crossed
taboos tossed and lost
where do we go from here?
Obviously a touch too much
anticipating tongue and such
where did that embrace emerge from
where will my lips go now
the pressure to communicate
'cos this is all we have
and it is getting late
and while your breasts look mighty fine
I somehow doubt that they'll be mine!
and yes your eyes somehow betray
the number of drinks you've had today

Maybe that is why you like me so
insane equality in lust we share
to follow touch we know not where
intent on cleavage there's the rub
just so much 'heavage'
in the middle of the pub

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