What Rahm Should Do For Chicago Arts

Published May 12, 2011

14) Put Arts Education Back Into the Schools

It goes without saying that many canceled arts and music programs should be restored in the public schools. In recent years, the march of math and science has shouted out the value of an arts education. Studying the arts makes for a more rounded person and awakens a deeper interest in ethical and aesthetic matters. However, art should not always be taught in a dry classroom setting. Some efforts should be made to integrate Chicago arts education with working artists groups, orchestras, chamber
music and dance and theater groups.

One remembers that one of Chicago's most outstanding citizens, the late artist and humanitarian Louise Dunne Yochim, was Director of Art in the Chicago's Public Schools for over twenty years. Is there such a position now? It might be a good idea to find someone with a certain prestige whose job it is to coordinate how the arts are taught in schools, and who puts some passion and imagination into coordinating the arts into our educational programs.

Robert KameczuraThe Site of Big Shoulders art and classical music critic Robert Kameczura has a long history of organizing arts initiatives in Chicago. He is one of the founders of the Chicago Artists Coalition, was one of its first directors, was the head of the legislative campaign that created the Public Art Program, was President of the Hild Cultural Center Project, ran a campaign to create a museum of Chicago art, was one of the originators of Chicago Artists Month which he co-chaired for the first two years, and for many years chaired a committee devoted to establishing fair practices for artists.

Over the years he has been in involved in numerous projects related to the arts, in the dance, literature and music worlds as well as the visual arts. In addition he is a noted artist, photographer, art writer and lecturer and has work in several museums and private collections around the world. His work can be seen at www.kameczura.com.

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