The Nostalgic Tourist

Published March 29, 2006

The Nostalgic Tourist

We're presenting our promotional ideas for the TWINbiscuit candy bar. The crux of our concept is an under-the-wrapper instant win, with the theme, "Find The Cookie Worth A Fortune." The PowerPoint has ended and we are awaiting feedback. The Brand Manager for TWINbuscuit turns to my partner and me and says, "You two are the Lennon and McCartney of Consumer Franchise Building promotions."

Play this compliment backwards and it says, "Phil is dead," I think to myself.

"I am the walrus," I say out loud in order to entertain the troops at the CandyMoon Corporation. My partner adds, "Koo, Koo, Ka-Choo." I don't have the heart to tell him the actual lyric is, "Goo, Goo, G'joob." It works, though. The group giggles with delight. The big boss continues by telling us he is so delighted with our work, he is awarding SwiftWorldwide the entire annual TWINbiscuit account, not just the Q2 program we are here for today. We expected $500,000 in revenue, and get $2.5 million over the next fiscal year. A major success for SwiftWorldwide. So, why do I feel so poor?

Story Copyright © Phil Brody