Spiezer: The Biggest Collection of Modern Chicago Art

Published June 18, 2009

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by Robert Kameczura

Used with the kind permission of The H.F. Johnson Art Gallery at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin.  This feature was originally published in the exhibition catalog.

The June and Francis Spiezer Collection of Chicago Art is the largest existing collection of Chicago Art from the period of around 1960 to the present. In its way it is a monument of its kind, rich in quality and variety, showing a wide range of media and an even wider range of ideas. It is guaranteed, when viewed as a whole, to expand any person’s ideas of Chicago art. It is also a gateway to viewing the unique personality of Chicago art. Much of this work is gradually coming to be valued as equally significant by comparison with artwork coming from more well-known artists in New York, the West Coast and Europe.

Though many pieces from the collection have been lent out for various exhibits around the world, the current exhibition is the first showing of a large selection of the collection outside of The Rockford Art Museum or tours of the Spiezer residence. The show will run July 18 through September 27 at the Rockford Museum of Art in Rockford, 711 N. Main Street, Rockford, Illinois. For further information, click here to see the museum's announcement or call 815-968-2787.